Sustainability Programs

Develop Regeneration and Sustainability Policies and Programs

It has become more evident to government and industry leaders that action on climate change, carbon footprints, and overall regenerative and sustainability is overdue or, at least needs to be enhanced.  Destinations, accommodations, conference centers and venues need to join the effort.  Many have, but many more have not.  Creating a circular economy rather than a linear one for sustainability within communities and industries is not difficult, but requires top level commitment and full engagement by all.  With experience in best practices, Sunlark Associates is in a position to provide consultation and hand-holding to guide entities toward “Saving The Planet” while gaining support of customers, and probably even saving some money.

Oceanic Global has been quoted as saying, “There are now more plastic bottles in the ocean than there are stars in the sky.”  Perhaps not verifiable but a stark message nonetheless.  The Sustainable Events Network, Florida & Caribbean has as its mission “To lead the meetings and events industry in the advancement of sustainable practices in Florida and the Caribbean.”  Sunlark Associates are active with both organizations and others to share this expertise with customers.

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