Revenue Generation & Management

d2o is the leading provider of real-time performance management solutions for the hospitality industry. Our Performance Management Intelligence (PMI) Series is an integrated suite of performance navigation solutions that guide hotels and resorts to discover untapped profit by dynamically managing resources and eliminating waste.

We empower operations to collaborate, share information and manage future outcomes. The result is the lowest possible F&B and labor costs, reduced waste and higher profit. PMI solution functionality includes robust enterprise and department-level budgeting and forecasting, as well as food cost control, employee scheduling, and labor productivity management.

Empower managers at every level of your hospitality operation to find new ways to deliver on performance – every day. From back office to front desk, chef’s kitchen to housekeeping, d2o’s Performance Management Intelligence (PMI) empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to perform at their best.

PMI R&P empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently to perform at their best.

With a new perspective, decision makers manage future outcomes and improve performance. PMI R&P provides the tools that empower hotels to allocate resources more efficiently and profitably:

  • Rolling Forecast for all departments
  • Food Cost Containment
  • Integrated Employee Scheduling
  • Labor Efficiency Management
  • Collaboration, Coaching and Alerts
  • Enterprise Consolidation and Performance Benchmarking

With all departments working towards a common performance goal, R&P streamlines processes and helps uncover new sources of profit by:

  • Moving from deadline-driven reporting to online collaboration
  • Increasing forecast accuracy with real-time updates of business on the books
  • Adapting food purchases to eliminate F&B under-supply or waste
  • Aligning labor schedules with shifts in demand
  • Ensuring disciplined focus on performance as a business strategy

PMI Revenue & Productivity redefines the unique revenue forecasting and resource allocation processes of every department in your organization.

Revenue Manager Forecast – a rolling 13+-month forecast with daily updates reflecting the latest pickups, plus trending based on current booking patterns and segment mix.

F&B Outlet Manager’s Forecast – a rolling 13+-month rolling forecast including room revenue and other revenue-driver based forecasting.

Corporate Office and Regional Consolidation – a complete online overview of the properties’ performance forecasts related to occupancy, reservations on the books, revenue, food cost and labor productivity, with drill-down capabilities.

General Manager and Financial Controller – an instant bird’s eye view of current performance and forecasts in the key areas, highlighting problem areas requiring coaching.

Executive Chef Food Cost Control – daily control of month-to date food cost—without counting inventory—based on daily automatic food revenue rolling forecast.

Departmental labor Productivity Planning – projection of the labor resource level required for the next days, weeks and months, based on resource driver rolling forecasts.

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