Revenue Generation & Management

We empower operations to collaborate, share information and manage future outcomes. The result is the lowest possible F&B and labor costs, reduced waste and higher profit. Sunlark systems solution functionality includes robust enterprise and department-level budgeting and forecasting, as well as food cost control, employee scheduling, and labor productivity management.

With a new perspective, decision makers manage future outcomes and improve performance. Sunlark systems provide the tools that empower hotels to allocate resources more efficiently and profitably:

  • Rolling Forecast for all departments
  • Food Cost Containment
  • Integrated Employee Scheduling
  • Labor Efficiency Management
  • Collaboration, Coaching and Alerts
  • Enterprise Consolidation and Performance Benchmarking

With all departments working towards a common performance goal, Sunlark systems streamline processes and helps uncover new sources of profit by:

  • Moving from deadline-driven reporting to online collaboration
  • Increasing forecast accuracy with real-time updates of business on the books
  • Adapting food purchases to eliminate F&B under-supply or waste
  • Aligning labor schedules with shifts in demand
  • Ensuring disciplined focus on performance as a business strategy

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