Resort Fees are a hoax

I don’t get why people accept hotel Resort Fees as reasonable or inevitable. They are nothing more than incremental revenue for a hotel on services that they should be providing for free anyway. GMs and Controllers love them as they typically show up as “Other Revenue”, are taxable at lower rates and in most cases cost nothing. Revenue Directors love them as room rates can be kept competitive or better, counting on the Resort Fee to boost top line revenues.

Sales Managers hate them as they are always contentious for third party leisure partners and always reduced or negotiated away for groups. Meeting Planners know what they are doing and what hotels can negotiate to get the business.

Seeing Resort Fees of $30 per room per day plus tax is not unusual and most hotels in Grand Cayman, as an example, have resort fees over $50 per room per day. And for nothing really when you look at their purported values. Beach towels, really!

I know that travel writers like Peter Greenburg have expressed the folly of Resort Fees on many occasions and there are ongoing investigations on their legality, so why do travelers remain complacent? If social media is so effective in bringing down governments, why can’t we put it to a consumer benefit by saying “Hell No. We won’t go.”  Remember that from the Vietnam War era! @killresortfees @petergreenberg

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