Disruptive Innovation in Messaging

Are hotel managers really open to disruptive innovation? In my recent experience I am not convinced that operations teams welcome technology advances, even as consumers are expecting them. As an example, guests say they want to communicate by text with hotel. They don’t want automated answers either, just as we don’t want telephone prompts to get to anyone specifically. Texting is easy, convenient, and why not get hospitality into the world of modern communication. Yet when surveyed about adding a texting tool and endorsed by sales and marketing teams, GMs and Directors of Operations baulk. What? Do you not answer telephone calls from guests? I don’t get it. Says Tom Griffin, President of guestext.com, “We know that 76% of guests are requesting the opportunity to text with hotel staff, but some hoteliers are not open to the concept. Others are engaged and seeing increased guest engagement and an effective marketing tool.”

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