St Maarten/St Martin, Anguilla and St Barths have slow recovery after Irma

St Maarten/St Martin, St Barths, Anguilla September 28, 2017 Post-Hurricanes Irma and Maria  ISLANDS OVERVIEW : The cleanup continues on all islands with the assistance of both French and Dutch armies in St Maarten/St Martin and British on Anguilla. Hundreds of tons of building material arrived yesterday on board of military ships. Power and water supplies…

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Introducing Guestext as a customer messaging platform

Guest Messaging Creates Engagement and Personalization with Guestext. With travelers preferring to communicate by text, the disruption has begun and Guestext’s innovative technology has proven to build engagement and loyalty, provide merchandising options and personalization and drive increased revenues, while satisfying guests’ needs to communicate through mobile devices. As a marketing tool, Guestext allows hotels…

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Banquet and Event Food Rescue saves lives

The statistics are staggering and very real. One in six children in the United States live in a food insecure household meaning that they don’t know where their next meal will come from. And this is no fault of theirs – and maybe not even of their parents. Bad things can happen to anyone; people…

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Resort Fees are a hoax

I don’t get why people accept hotel Resort Fees as reasonable or inevitable. They are nothing more than incremental revenue for a hotel on services that they should be providing for free anyway. GMs and Controllers love them as they typically show up as “Other Revenue”, are taxable at lower rates and in most cases…

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Disruptive Innovation in Messaging

Are hotel managers really open to disruptive innovation? In my recent experience I am not convinced that operations teams welcome technology advances, even as consumers are expecting them. As an example, guests say they want to communicate by text with hotel. They don’t want automated answers either, just as we don’t want telephone prompts to…

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